How to add people on Telegram on Android?

Telegram is a messaging application that works over the internet, just like Whatsapp, Viber or Facebook Messenger. Telegram has been currently the most used application of many people worldwide. Whenever you are using a new messaging app, you need your friends there to communicate with although the new app provides a lot of interesting features. Therefore, in this writing, I will guide you on how to add people on Telegram on Android.

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Instructions to add people on Telegram on Android

When you finish downloading and installing Telegram on your phone, it will ask for permission to access your phone contact lists. You have to allow to use this app. Immediately, this app will add all the people who are using Telegram in the phone contacts into its contact list.

allow Telegram to access contacts
Allow Telegram to access your contacts

The process of adding people on Telegram can be divided into 2 cases:

1. The contact you want to add isn’t in your phone: you have to add him/her to the contact.

2. The contact is saved in your phone but he/she is not using Telegram: You have to send him/her an invitation.

How to add a new contact on Telegram?

Before adding a new contact on Telegram, make sure that you know some of his/her information including nationality and phone number. Now, let’s follow our instructions to add a new contact:

Firstly, Open Telegram on your Android phone.

Secondly, click on the “three horizontal bars” on the top left side on Telegram home screen and then, click on Contacts.

tap on Contacts
Tap on Contacts

Thirdly, click on “+” symbol which is on the top right side (or the bottom right side in some phones) of the screen.

Fourthly, add your friend’s information: “First name”, “Last name”, “Country” and “Mobile number”.

Finally, click on “Next”.

add a contact in Telegram

If your friend is already on Telegram, he/she will be immediately added to your Telegram contact. Otherwise, Telegram will inform you that your friend doesn’t use this app and ask you to send an invitation to him/her to install Telegram.

How to invite your friends to use Telegram?

You have a long list of friends in your phone contact and you want them to join with you on Telegram instant messaging application? Follow my instructions below:

Step 1: Open Telegram on your Android phone.

Step 2: Click on the “three horizontal bars” on the top left side on Telegram home screen.

Step 3: Go to “Invite Friends”.

Step 4: Click on the contacts you want to invite.

Step 5: After selecting your desired friends, click on “INVITE TO TELEGRAM

steps to invite friends to use telegram
Steps to invite friends to use Telegram

After completing, an SMS message with an invitation will be sent to your friends’ phones promptly. However, this method may cost you lots.

As soon as your friends install and open Telegram, their profile will appear on your Telegram contact list. Now you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family by sending messages, making calls, starting group chats and even makingsecret chats.

So far, I’ve given you some necessary instructions to add people on Telegram, including both people who are already in your phone contacts and the ones who are not in your contacts list. Hopefully, this writing will help you connect with your beloved ones without having troubles. If there are any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving comments below. Don’t forget to download Telegram. Thanks for reading!

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