How to make a playlist on Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is an online music sharing app which allows people to upload, publish and promote their songs. Soundcloud also allows registered users to listen to unlimited songs and audios and users may upload up to 180 minutes of audio to their profile at no cost. If you are wondering about how to make a playlist on Soundcloud, let’s read our post today!

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Instruction for creating a new playlist on Soundcloud

Playlists can be considered as your own album or others’ tracks on SoundCloud. To create a new playlist, you have to download Soundcloud in your device first. Besides, make sure that you have an account to sign in this app or you can create a new account in the opening site.

soundcloud logo

Before adding songs or playlists to your account, make sure that songs exist in SoundCloud. Now, let’s follow all the steps below:

Step 1: Open Soundcloud on your Android smartphone

Step 2: Enter the name of the song you want to add on the search icon.

enter song to add to SoundCloud playlist
Enter the songs that you want to add to playlist

Step 3: Click on the song you want to add. After that, find the button add to playlist. The screen will show 2 choices for you.

Step 4: Click on create new playlist, then create your own playlist name. The name should be easy for you to identify and remember.

Where can I find my playlists?

You can find all of your playlists on SoundCloud in the Library section by tapping on the icon which looks like 3 books in the bottom menu.

The Library section

Removing Tracks from a SoundCloud playlist

If you want to remove a song from a SoundCloud playlist on mobile, you just need to tap the ellipsis, tap Edit playlist, tap the red circle near the track that you want to remove and finally tap Remove to delete it from your playlist. Tap Done when you have finished removing tracks.

steps to remove tracks from a playlist
Steps to remove tracks from a playlist

Change your playlist name

You can change your playlist name at any time you want but this action can be done only in the web version of SoundCloud. To do this, open your playlist and click Edit and a box will be opened with a variety of playlist options that you can change such as title, category, genre, tags, and description. Besides, you can also upload a featured image for your playlist. After having done everything, click Save Changes.

change your playlist name
Change a playlist name

One thing you should remember is that the playlist exists in just one account. If you sign out from the app, your playlist will no longer in your device. You have to ensure that your account security should be safe, especially when you link your Soundcloud account with Facebook or Google account.

So far, we have introduced you the process to easily make a playlist on Soundcloud. Hope that this article helps you know more about tips for using Soundcloud and have interesting experience while using it. Thank you for reading and supporting!

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