How to pin a message in Telegram on Android?

pin a message in Telegram on Android

Pin Message is an interesting function that allows us to pin the message to the top of the conversation. Imagine that our group chat has a lot of members, so our important messages may be hidden. Therefore, users can pin a message in Telegram on Android to find and access vital messages as well as files easily.

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First, we will guide you on how to pin a message in a group in Telegram. In order to do this task, you just need to take these steps below:

Step 1: Open your Telegram and open the group conversation.

Step 2: Tap the message that you want to pin until the pop-up message appears. However, you shouldn’t press for so long!

choose a message to pin in Telegram
Tap a message that you want to pin

Step 3: Choose Pin.

tap Pin to pin this message
Tap Pin to pin this message!

You’ll be asked to confirm your action. Tap Ok to confirm pinning this message (Depend on each device, the option can be Yes).

choose OK to confirm
Choose OK to confirm your choice

Once you’ve done, the message would be successfully held at the top of your private or group conversation. If you want to remove the pinned message, tap the icon X in the right corner of the message.

an example of a successful pinned message
A successful pinned message will always be on the top of your conversation.


You are the admin of a Telegram channel and you want to update news to all of your subscribers? So, don’t forget to pin your message. This action would help your important news get more attention. Just by some following steps, you can hold your message in the top of your channel.

Note: Only admins are able to pin message in Telegram channels.

Step 1: Find the message or file in the Telegram channels that you would like to pin.

Step 2: Tap this messages and also remember not to press so long.

Step 3:  When the pop-up window appears, choose Pin .

tap Pin to pin a message in a channel.
Tap Pin to pin messages in a Telegram channel

You’ll be asked to confirm your action, tap OK to confirm. After completing all the process, the pinned message will appear on the top of your channel.

So far, we have provided you some detailed instructions on how to pin a message in Telegram for Android. To fully experience this helpful function, don’t forget to download Telegram. Hopefully, this information will help you pin your chats successfully. If you find this article helpful, please give us like, share and comment below. Thank you for reading.

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