How to reactivate Twitter

how to reactivate Twitter

Twitter is considered to be one of the best social networking sites in the world and the “SMS of the internet”. It allows people, companies, and businesses to keep their followers and customers up to date with everything is happening around them. In case you intentionally or unknowingly deactivate your Twitter account, don’t worry, Twitter gives you an option to get your account back if it’s still within a month of deactivation. In this post, we will guide you on how to reactivate Twitter on Android.

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How to reactivate your Twitter account

Twitter allows you to restore your deactivated account, but you need to be quickly. It means that you have 30 days to reactivate your account before all is lost. Fortunately, during the deactivating time, Twitter still saves your content, so as soon as you reactivate your account you regain access to all your information.

You don’t need any help from Twitter to reactivate your deleted account, just follow the steps below.

Instructions to reactivate Twitter on Android

Before going into details, make sure that you have downloaded Twitter on your phones.

1. Open Twitter on your Android devices.

how to restore Twitter account
Open Twitter

2. On the main interface of Twitter, choose Log in.

how to reactivate your Twitter account
Choose Log in

3. Enter your Twitter username and password in the login section.

reactivate deleted Twitter account
Enter your Twitter username and password

4. Next, tap on Log in to access your Twitter account.

how  to reactivate Twitter
Tap on Log in

5. Now you’ll see a notice asking you to confirm if you want to reactivate your account. Choose Yes, reactivate.

reactivate deactivated Twitter account
Choose Yes, reactivate

6. After choosing to reactivate, you’ll be redirected to your home timeline.

 restore Twitter account

Twitter account doesn’t reactivate

If you’re facing trouble with the reactivating process, there is a possibility that you have either enter your login credentials incorrectly or have forgotten them.

In case you forget your password, contact Twitter support center and they might be able to help reactivate your account and reset your password.

Remember to contact the Twitter support agent using the email address associated with the account that you want to reactivate.

Information missing after reactivation

It’s possible that sometimes after restoring Twitter account, you realize that some of your followers or tweets are disappeared. There is nothing to worry, the constant disappearance of your content seems to be normal for most users. As a matter of fact, data restoration may take up to 24 hours.

However, if you still don’t see the accurate number of followers or tweets after 48 hours of reactivation, you can contact the Twitter support center.

What happens after 30 days?

In fact, if you wait longer than 30 days before coming back to Twitter after deactivating your account, your account will be deleted permanently. Your followers, messages, and tweets are all lost and your username is up for grabs to anyone who wants it. The only solution for you is creating a new Twitter account.

In short, we have given you all the detailed instructions to reactivate Twitter and related information after restoring your account. Remember to come back to Twitter within 30 days after deactivating if you don’t want to lose your account. Please share this post with your friends if you find it helpful and feel free to leave your questions below. Thanks for supporting!

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