How to record on Soundcloud on Android

SoundCloud is an online music communication app and website which helps people to listen, record, and promote their audio tracks. Recording an audio track is really an interesting activity because listeners can hear the author’s voice and feel their emotions. However, not many Android users know how to record on SoundCloud. Therefore, let’s follow our post to have more information!

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Instruction for making a record on Soundcloud

Before making a record, make sure your device is compatible with the app to activate. Besides record on your Android device, you can also do it on the emulator application on your computer like BlueStacks, Droi4X, Nox Player,…


Furthermore, you should download SoundCloud and create an account. Now, let’s follow these steps to make a record on your SoundCloud.

Step 1: Open Soundcloud app

Step 2: Click on “More” tab on the at the bottom of your screen ( this tab can appear on the top of the screen in some device), select record from the options.

select record to start make a record
Select Record

Step 3: Click on the microphone icon to start recording. You also can pause your recording by tap again on the microphone icon.

tap the micro phone to start record
Tap the microphone icon to start/pause your record

Step 4: After recording, you can edit your soundtrack by click on the “scissors” icon. Shortening or keeping the original, fading in or out, all these choices are depended by you.

edit your record on soundcloud

Step 5: Choose Next after editing your audio and complete all your tracks information to public your record. After complete the process above, your track will be available on Soundcloud and everyone can find your track on the search bar.

How to upload a record from device to Soundcloud

Beside recording on Soundcloud app, uploading your recording from your phone is also a good choice. Follow these steps below to know more about the way to do it:

Step 1: Click on Voice record on the phone screen to record your track. Each device will have different names for the voice recording. For example, on my Samsung, it is Voice Recorder. After completing record your voice, let’s save it.

tap voice recorder on your phone
Tap Voice Recorder
record your audio
Start recording your audio

Step 2: Open File Manager app. However, this app can have other names like ” My file”, or “Android file manager”.

Step 3: Navigate to the audio you want to share in theAudio folder. Next, tap and hold the audio, and then tap on Share.

find your record
Find your audio track that you have recorded on Audio Folder
tap and hold the audio and choose Share
Tap and hold your record and then, tap on Share

Step 4: Tap the SoundCloud icon and wait for a second until SoundCloud has opened.

choose the icon of Soundcloud to share the record
Choose SoundCloud to share your records

Step 5: Confirm the information for the track. Then click on the upload button to post it on Soundcloud.

change everything about the record
Change everything about your record
upload your record
Tap the upload button to post your record

In conclusion, we have introduced you to how to record on Soundcloud. Hope that this article will offer you more information about using Soundcloud. Thank you for reading and supporting.

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