How to upload to Soundcloud from Android devices?

Soundcloud is an online music sharing app and website which allows people to listen, upload, and promote their song and audio. However, not many people know the process of uploading their tracks to Soundcloud, especially on Android devices. Therefore, in this post, we will guide you on how to upload to Soundcloud from Android devices.

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What is SoundCloud?

Some users use this application to store music and audio; others consider SoundCloud as a great place to upload and broadcast podcasts. In addition, SoundCloud is also a place where musicians can connect directly with fans and read fans’ feedback. Furthermore, with the special and unique feature, Soundcloud can help users approach unlimited songs and audio and may upload up to 180 minutes of audio to their account at no cost and in a convenient way.

Steps to upload to SoundCloud

Uploading a track to SoundCloud is a good way to help others together listen to your songs. Before uploading your tracks, you need to download SoundCloud and sign in or create an account if you don’t have. After having signed in the app, follow these steps below to upload your tracks:

Firstly, open your File Manager in your Android device. This app can have other names like ” My files”, “Android file manager”.

Then, navigate the audio that you want to share. The audio may be found in the Music folder or Download folder.

tap audio or downloads to select your audio file
Tap the Audio or Downloads folder to find the track that you want to upload

Next, tap and hold the audio then tap on share.

tap share to share music to SoundCloud
Tap Share

Then, tap Soundcloud icon and wait for a second till the app has opened.

tap SoundCloud icon
Tap the icon of SoundCloud

Now, confirm the information for the audio. You also can change avatar, audio’s name and privacy of the track.

change your audio track information
Change everything about your audio track

Finaaly, after having completed track’s information, tap the upload button.

tap the button to post your audio to SoundCloud
The upload button

After all the steps above, your track will be uploaded to Soundcloud. To check it, you can go to your account profile to make sure it is posted to Soundcloud. If you want your tracks to attract attention, you can share it on the popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, or some music blogs.

In conclusion, we have introduced you how to upload to Soundcloud. Hope that this article has provided you helpful information about using Soundcloud. Thank you for reading and supporting.

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