SimCity BuildIt- The best construction game

SimCity BuildIt- Special updated features

SimCity BuildIt is a construction simulation game which is estimated to be the best in the world. Having created and developed since 2014, this game now is having millions of players all around the world. In order to competently play this game, people have to know some basic features of SimCity BuildIt like creating roads, residential, service building,… Unluckily, not many people know these features. In addition to that, we will introduce you to SimCity BuildIt- The best construction game.

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SimCity BuildIt game
SimCity BuildIt game

What is SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a popular building-construction game that helps people design their own city at their disposal. With a storage of many building, players have many choices to build their own world, expand their area and upgrade each building to help their city reach a new level to become one of the most powerful cities of this game

Special features of SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is usually updated with an aim to help players have the best experience while playing this game with new events, content, reward. As a matter of fact, there are still some people cannot catch up with all the features of this game. Therefore, if you want to know more about SimCity BuildIt, you can follow the paragraph below.

SimCity BuildIt is compatible with many Android devices

This game is available on many Android devices. You have to check the requirement of your device before download and install this game.

SimCity BuildIt configuration


As you can see above, this game attracts over 50 million installers all over the world. Moreover, an analysis has shown that almost people spend at least 40 minutes per day playing this game. We can see many good reviews of SimCity on the Google Play store, almost players have suggested playing this game in the future and rated 5 stars for this game. Analysts announce that: “BuildIt has been a terrific success on smartphones. It’s demanded a solid on the charts since its initiation, always in the top 10 in U.S sim and strategy, top 100 U.S game and top 150 worldwide”. Due to these reasons, EA Mobile has claimed that SimCity BuildIt had become the most-played SimCity ever.

SimCity BuildIt reviews

Multiple currencies

This game contains multiple currencies that give players many choices to use these currencies to build and design their own city. There are Simoleons – gold coins, SimCash- the green money, Golden keys and Platinum keys.

Multiple currencies
Multiple currencies

A list of items

Besides multiple currencies, SimCity BuildIt also has a list of items like factory raw materials, commercial products, and special items.

Raw materials
Raw materials
Building supplies store
Building supplies store
Hardware store in SimCity BuildIt
Hardware store

Residential building

Residential buildings in SimCity BuildIt
Residential buildings

Commercial, Industrial, Services, Default Buildings

Not only residential buildings, in order to build and design your own city, you also need to have some other buildings like police station, coal power plant, water tower,…

SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt

To sum up, we have introduced you to some special functions of the SimCity BuildIt game. To play this game, you can click here to download and install it before having some enjoyment. Hope that this article will offer some useful information about SimCity BuildIt. Thank you for reading and supporting.

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