Steps to loop on SoundCloud


SoundCloud is an online music communication app and website which helps people to listen, record, and promote their audio tracks. If you use a social network like Facebook or Twitter, you will see that Soundcloud is similar to them. With the coverage of Soundcloud, it can provide users many wonderful songs in the world. If you want to repeat a song, let’s follow our post to know how to loop on Soundcloud.

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Instruction for looping on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an online platform specializing in music and audio from 2008. SoundCloud serves many people with different purposes. Some users use this application to store music and audio; others consider SoundCloud as a great place to upload and broadcast podcasts. In addition, SoundCloud is also a place where musicians can connect directly with fans and read fans’ feedback. Furthermore, with the special and unique feature, Soundcloud can help users approach unlimited songs and audio and may upload up to 180 minutes of audio to their account at no cost and in a convenient way.

Looping is one of the most interesting functions of SoundCloud that helps you repeat your favorite songs/playlists. Before looping, make sure that have downloaded SoundCloud and had an account. If not, you can create an account by filling in your information or linking your account with Facebook or Google account.

How to loop on Soundcloud

After creating an account, you can follow these steps below to know how to repeat a track.

Step 1: Open SoundCloud app and sign in your account.

Step 2: Click on the Search icon, type your favorite song’s name (Ex: Just the way you are – Bruno Mars) and search it.

Search the song that you want to loop

Step 3: Click on the song to play.


Step 4: Click on the 3 horizontal lines icon at the bottom of the screen and the next screen with 2 options for shuffle or repeat will appear. Let’s choose the repeat icon to repeat this song.

tap the 3 horizontal lines icon
Tap on the 3 horizontal lines
tap the loop icon to loop a song
Tap the repeat icon

After completing the process, you can listen to your song many times until you turn off the app. Similarly, you can use this way to repeat a playlist. If you haven’t known how to create a playlist on SoundCloud, click here.

However, if you want to stop looping, let’s tap again the loop icon on your screen.

In conclusion, we have introduced you to how to loop on Soundcloud. SoundCloud is really an interesting music app that you should try and download. Hope that this post is useful for you and let’s share it to other SoundCloud users to have the best experience with this app. Thank you for reading and supporting!

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