What is VK app?

what is VK app?

Have you ever heard about VK or VKontakte before? Maybe you never heard about that name but VK is the most popular social media website in Russia. Moreover, it is considered as Facebook of this country. So, if you are wondering that “What is VK app?”, keep reading this post to get more detailed information.

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An overview of VK

What is Vk app?

VK is the largest social network of Russian-speaking users worldwide. Published in 2006, VK is available in numerous languages but it is especially used by Russian-speakers. According to Wikipedia’s statistic, VK had at least 500 million accounts as of August 2018 and is the 9th most visited website in the world.

VK allows users to meet and chat with new people and stay in touch with their friends, wherever they may be. In addition, as VK users, you can create group chats with those close to you to keep up with what’s going on. Make fun with your friends by laughing at memes or looking at photos. Moreover, VK live streams can be an irreplaceable way to communicate and share your experience with others if you’re traveling or planning important events.

 VK’s outstanding features

  • Messaging: You can exchange VK private Messages between groups of 2 to 500 people. Moreover, an email address can also be specified as the recipient. You can send massive messages which may contain up to 10 attachments: photos, videos, audio files, maps (an embedded map with a manually placed marker), and documents.
  • News: As VK users, you can post on your profile walls with posts that contain up to 10 attachments – media files, maps, and documents. Besides, user mentions and hashtags are also supported. In case you want to post multiple photo-attachments, the previews are automatically scaled and arranged in a magazine-style layout. You can easily switch the news feed between all news and most interesting modes. The most interesting thing is that VK features a news-recommendation engine, global real-time search and individual search for posts and comments on specific users’ walls.
  • Communities: VK provides users with 3 types of communities: Groups, Public pages, and Events. Firstly, Groups are better options for decentralized communities such as discussion-boards, wiki-style articles, editable by all members, etc. Secondly, Public pages are news feed oriented broadcasting tool for celebrities and businesses. These two kinds are largely interchangeable, the only difference is in the default settings. In the third place, Events are used for organizing concerts and events in an appropriate way.
  • Like buttons: Unlike Facebook, VK like buttons for posts, comments, media and external sites operate in a different way. Instead of getting automatically pushed to the users’ walls, liked contents are saved in the favorite section. VK users have to share an item on their wall or send it via private message to their friends.
  • Privacy: VK users can control all their content within the network and on the internet by using blanket and granular privacy settings for pages and individual content.
  • Synchronization with other social networks: Any news you publish on VK wall can appear on Facebook or Twitter. The posts on Facebook and Twitter will not change if you edit them in VK. However, deleting the news in VK will make it disappear in other social networks.
  • SMS service: Russian users can use SMS to receive and reply to a private message or leave a comment for community news.
  • Music: VK users are able to upload the audio files themselves, create playlists and share audios with other people by attaching to messages and wall posts. Moreover, they can access the audio files uploaded by others.
What is Vk app?
Download VK to discover its awesome functions

 That’s some of the necessary information that you need to know for the question “What is VK app?”. If you’re interested in this app, download VK now to enjoy its amazing features. Thanks for reading and supporting!

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