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Download BBM- Free Calls and Messages APK

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App description

With the development of technology, the need for means of communication is increasing. Therefore, BBM - Free Calls and Messages is one of the most useful communication apps which helps people easily connect to others. However, downloading this app from Google Plays sometimes annoyed people because of errors. So that, BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK will be the solution. Let’s read this post to have further information about BBM APK and how to download BBM- Free Calls and Messages APK.

What is  BBM - Free Calls and Messages?

Created and developed by BlackBerry Limited and released for Andriod devices, BBM - Free Calls and Messages helps users to communicate with many people in the world. Nowadays, it has been popular for sending not only messages but also high-quality video calls with lively emotion icons, interesting games or updated news. If other app chats such as Viber, Snapchat, KaKaoTalk, and LINE are famous for both Android and iOS users, then BBM is extremely popular and famous for BlackBerry users.

Benefits of using BBM - Free Calls and Messages:

  • Chatting with interesting and lively emojis or calling.

  • Watching News up to date with notification normally.

  • Using Private security with timing messages,...

  • Dividing contacts into a separate list.

  • Sending and receiving messages with unlimited characters.

  • Sharing photos, videos and voice notes with one or more people.

  • Adding friends quickly by barcode scanning or PIN.

  • Sharing the time zone, music or video you are watching.

  • Creating a private chat group.


What is BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK?

BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK file is the application installer of BBM- Free Calls and Messages for Android devices. If you encounter some errors during downloading BBM on Google Play, you can download BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK.

Who needs to download BBM APK?

Users need to download and install BBM APK in those cases:

  • Download all versions of one application.

  • Avoid of being limited because of country or location.

  • Find the app which hasn’t been existed on the application market.

  • Download and install on emulator application on PC such as BlueStacks, Nox Player,...

  • Install on Android TV, Android Car,...

How to download BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK?

Nowadays, there are many Android devices for us to download and install the apk file. In this post, we will guide you on how to download BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK on Android smartphones and emulator application.

Download BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK on Android smartphone

To download and install an apk file on an Android smartphone, we have to make some changes in phone settings.

From the phone screen, choose Settings > Private and Security >  Unknown Sources and enable it. Now, we can start downloading BBM APK.

Unknown Sources function on the smartphone


Step 1: Access to

Step 2: On the search bar, type the apk file name you need to download ( BBM - Free Calls and Messages).

Step 3: After searching, click on Download.  You will be asked whether this apk file should be downloaded or not because your phone is afraid that this file may harm your device. Let's choose Download to continue because is a reliable website.

choose Download to start downloading bbm
Choose Download
choose download
Continue choosing Download

Step 4: After downloading, Click on Install, wait for a minute while the installation is in process. After all, you can access your application and enjoy your app with all the functions in the latest update.

choose install
Choose Install to start installing BBM

After installing, open BBM and start creating your account.

Step 1: Enter your email address when you are asked whether you have pre-registered or not and then click "Next".

enter your email
Enter your email and then click NEXT

Step 2: Let's wait until you receive the notification email which may take up to 12 hours. After receiving the email, simply re-open the application and enter your address, then click "Next".

Step 3: Click "Next" on the next "Congratulations" screen.

Click NEXT


Step 4: Click "Create a BlackBerry ID" if you have never used BBM.

create a blackberry ID
Click "Create a BlackBerry ID"


Step 5: Enter your email address, password, recovery question, country and date of birth. After reading the terms of service and choose to receive special messages from the company, click "Next".

fill information
Fill your information


Step 6: Remember to note your BBM PIN because it will need to be used later and then click "Continue".

Note your PIN


Step 7: Invite friends to join BBM with you. You can do this via email, SMS, or PIN.

invite friends
Let's invite friends!


Download and install BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK on PC

BBM - Free Calls and Messages is compatible with not only Android smartphone but also emulator application on PC. There are many emulator applications like BlueStacks, Droid4X, and Nox Player,... but the most popular one is BlueStacks and here are steps to download and install BBM APK on BlueStacks :

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks in your PC.

Step 2: Open BlueStacks, the screen will appear like this:

BlueStacks emulator app

Step 3: Open a browser in BlueStacks by clicking More Apps.

Step 4: Access to from this browser and choose Download. The device also warns you but click OK to continue

download bbm apk
Choose Download and OK to download this APK File


Step 5: After downloading, Open your Apk file that you have successfully downloaded and then, choose Install to install BBM.

install bbm apk
Choose Install to start installing this app

After installing, choose Open to start using BBM!

Tips for using BBM - Free Calls and Messages

This app has a lot of functions.  we will show you some tips to be a master of this app.

  • Show your emotion with emotion icons: If you just tell others your feelings, it will be boring but with emotion icons, users can know more about each other’s status.

  • Watch News and live scores everywhere: It's convenient for you to catch up with the latest news.

  • Remove messages: In case you don't want the receiver to read the messages that you have already sent, you just only need to remove them.

  • Timing Messages: This function likes a  private message which helps you to set up your time to send a mess and also delete it. The 'Private Chat' will help "anonymous" chat users remove personal names and images. To enjoy this feature, users have to pay for BlackBerry $ 0.99 / month. In addition, the latest update also brings some innovations such as removing sent messages and images, or editing sent messages.

  • Public your photos: If you have many photos and you want to show them to the society, you can use BBM to post. The photo you post will be promulgated with incredible speed.

  • Create a contact group: BlackBerry Messenger allows you to create contact groups. You can create groups for family members and contact groups for work by opening BBM -> Menu ->  New Group.

create a contact group

  • Adding contacts: There are two ways to add contacts in BBM:  via PIN or email. A PIN is an 8-character string and assigned to each BlackBerry device. You can find the PIN by going to Options -> Status -> PIN on your BlackBerry device. If you are requesting an email contact details, you only need an email address associated with the opponent's device.

add contacts


  • Change status: You can change your status by opening BBM=> Menu=> View My Profile.

change status


  • Send a message: To send a message, open BBM -> Menu -> Contact. To quickly send a message, just press Enter. On BBM, you can create multiple conversations at the same time.

How to chat with someone via BBM?

Step 1: Click Contacts in the middle of the main screen.

click contacts


Step 2: Click on the name of a person and enter the text and click Send

Step 3: Click on the pin clip to insert more images into the conversation. The feature allows you to attach voice note which is quite similar to the voice mail.


Step 4: Click on the red circle to start recording and then click on the white square to stop.

start recording


Step 5: Click on the Send icon to send.



Step 6: Click Invite More in the lower left corner of the screen to invite more friends to chat with you.

Step 7: Click on the three dots in the lower right corner to open the new menu which includes the option to exit the conversation or "Ping" your friends (when Ping, your friends' machine will vibrate).

ping friends


In conclusion, we have introduced you the information of BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK and guided you to download BBM - Free Calls and Messages APK and install it. Hope that it can be helpful for you!

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