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App description

You are passionate about K- pop music? You are a dedicated fan of a Korean music band who could spend a whole day listening to their addictive melodies and couldn’t take your eyes off the slick choreography as well as an endless parade of attractive South Korean performers? You desire to immerse yourself into the ever-growing popularity of K-pop and stay updated with the international inroads of Hallyu wave? 

It is such a notable absence of information if you do not set the priority of Genie Music in your top list of your Korean songs application. Genie Korean app is coming just to satisfy your craving for aesthetic catchy music songs.

Normally, Genie app download is appointed to implement through Google Play, the official supplier of applications. However, some systematic problems stemming from the access to this authorized source could deter users from having the apps installed in their devices. To solve the issues, the download of music app Genie apk on is a perfect alternative thanks to the advantages the site offers. 

This writing will dive into some outstanding features of this K- pop music app and the guidance to have Genie apk download for Android mobile phones and PCs. With the detailed information provided below, we hope to become your right- hand assistant to serve your music dedication.

genie kpop music download apk file

  1. Brief overview of Genie Korean app.

Korean wave, the idea that South Korean pop culture has grown in prominence to become a major driver of global culture, is witnessed ubiquitously from Korean dramas on Netflix to Korean skincare tutorials dominating the cosmetics industry to delicious Korean cuisine. And at the heart of Hallyu way is the increasing popularity of Korean pop music, which sows the seeds of success of music streaming websites.

Genie Music is a K- pop music app that specializes in the production and distribution of music videos. Genie streaming captures the attention of music lovers all around the world. 

Below are some basic features claiming for its special place to K- pop music fans globally.

- Genie app provides real-time chart menu, genre-specific music and genre charts which are updated on the weekly basis.

- Sync playlist allows users to save and load playlists from anywhere with Internet connection.

- This K- pop music app also recommends personalized music of various genre, age and  style based on your history in Home and My Menu. 

- Various contents including today's selection song selected by professional DJ, music on TV, the topic songs of broadcasting, music of period are available.

- Live VR video support of 360 degrees including music video, making, performance 

- Every Genie song includes information about lyrics, album and artist

- Search and sound search function 

- Music lovers can enjoy rich music with 3D stereo sound and search for top songs thanks to the sound search mode.

- Downloaded music can be played and listened without network connection 

genie main feature apk download

2. Genie Music APK on

2.1. Genie app apk

The term “APK file” is somewhat familiar to Android devices’ owners.  Genie Korea APK file is the package file format, exclusively designed for Android users to distribute and install this kind of music streaming service. The app Genie APK file can be installed on Android devices just like any other software on a PC.

2.2. Why do you need to download Genie Music APK on

The demand of downloading and installing music app Genie via the third party site called witnesses a remarkable increase in recent years. This tendency could be explained by some below reasons. 

  • The Genie app download through Google Play Store, the most authorised source to download the app, is unfinished at certain times when the reputable place refuses the visit of users. The users, as the result, fail to get the app installed into their devices.

  • The users prefer a computer based  Genie music app to have better visual experience.

  • The Android version of the user’s phone is incompatible with the version of the music app Genie that is available on Google Store. Consequently, in this case, mobile Genie app could not be downloaded and installed in their phones.

  • For mobile phones’ users, they fail to finish Genie app download because Wi-fi or data network is not available or sometimes interrupted. For that reason, the optimal solution is to have Genie apk download moved to SD card and then transferred to their  phones to install the app later.

genie image

2.3 Guide to download Genie music apk via

2.3.1 Download Genie music apk file on Android Mobile Phones

Normally, the download of applications from Google Play, will be automatically implemented and the downloads from other sources apart from Google Play will be blocked to avoid virus infection. In this case, a manually installation with the security permission needs to be carried out if you want to sideload the apk file from a third site party. Therefore, to freely download Genie music apk file on Android, your device needs to be adjusted to enable the downloads from unknown sources. To adjust your Android smartphone, enter Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. After this step, you can rush to the guide to have the download of Genie on your devices.

Then, follow the guidance below to download and install Genie music apk file for Android for free.

Step 1: Access website, find Genie music in the search bar and click on the matching name in the result.

genie download


Step 2: Press the button Download.  An announcement in the form of a verified question will show up. Then you confirm and tap on OK.

genie apk download

Step 3: Press Install to begin Genie app establishment on Android. The app installation will take a few seconds to finish, then you can jump into the music service on your Android mobile phone right away.

genie download finish

2.3.2 Download Genie music apk file on PCs/ Laptops

If you desire to enjoy the world of music on the large screen, the prerequisite requirement is to install some emulators software like Bluestacks, Droid4X. Bluestacks is highly recommended as this type of software is the top one thanks to its special features.

To have Genie app free download for PCs , you can choose to follow the downloading process either via PC's browser or emulator software’s browser.

Below are the steps performed in the website for free Genie music apk download. Your wonder about the safety of the file you’ve downloaded could be swept away as the website is well- known for original, free and pure music app apk file with fast download speed compared to others.

Download Genie music via PC's browser

Step 1: Start web browser, enter the website, search for Genie music and click on the matching result.

genie apk download1


Step 2: Click on Download. The download will be completed in a few seconds.

genie download topapkdownload


Step 3: Launch BlueStacks. Click on Install apk (3 vertical dots) in the left corner on the screen.

genie download bluestacks


Step 4: A pop-up window will appear later, then you insert the apk file of Genie music and this app will be installed on BlueStacks

genie apk download popup window

Wait for a while and you will see Genie app appear at the home screen of Bluestacks

Download  Genie music apk file via BlueStacks’ Browser

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks, click on the up arrow symbol at the bottom More apps to start Browser.

genie apk download bluestacks browser

Step 2: Visit the website, look up Genie music and then click on Download. After the system shows up a notification, you confirm by clicking on OK.

genie download via bluestacks

Step 3: After downloading, click on Install to begin Genie music apk file installation on BlueStacks. Click on Open to experience app right now.

genie download apk file finish

That's all about how to download and install Genie Korean app on Android and Windows. We hope that with the detailed instructions above, you can easily have this K- pop app on PCs and Android phones to have amazing experience playing the game.

2.4. Warnings about Genie music apk file

Downloading Genie music apk via other sources beside Google Play is not always safe. This action could pose a threat to your devices because of some potential risks that those suppliers hide. Your device’s operating system might face the risk of damaging due to malwares from those sources.

The malicious files from such counterfeit sites are created for illegal purposes. The hackers could steal all the data in the users’ devices and sell them illegally or breach the security, ect. The malicious codes then are widespread uncontrollably. This could be exemplified in some common cases:

  • People visit unsecured websites or click on some webs, files or images containing malicious codes.

  • Viruses spread by email, downloaded files, ect.

  • Apk files are transferred via some devices such as SD card, USB, etc without any examination or assurance of the safety of the devices.

Users are advised to access reputable sites, examine the files and the devices thoroughly before carrying out the download and be careful when coming across an unknown file or image.

All your worry could be cleared up as we recommend you to take the advantage of a free trustworthy malware checking site called APKSCAN. NVISCO. BE. When it comes to file safety checking and virus detection, this aforementioned website is the most well known site thanks to its user- friendly policy. Files are uploaded to ApkScan freely and scanned for malware automatically. A strong plus point compared to the other ones is that the results of the checking process are presented in the form of a report. 

apkscan genie safety checking

3. Conclusion

To wrap up, free downloading and installation of Genie music apk for Android and PCs via is the excellent choice in order to enjoy the energetic performances of Kpop icons. Stay updated with the trend of music industry. If you encounter any issues in the downloading and installation process, feel free to leave a comment below so that we could assist you to solve the problems.