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Like Google Docs and Google Slides, Google Sheets is also a wonderful app office of Google. This app is famous for its convenience, free and easy to use. Before the appearance of Google Sheets, we are getting used to using Microsoft Office with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint. Both Microsoft and Google Offices have their own outstanding features, but to be honest, Google Office is more suitable to work online with multiple people. If you want to use Google Sheets but cannot download it from Google Play, you can consider downloading its APK File. So, what is Google Sheets APK and how to download Google Sheets APK?

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a powerful tool which helps users to create online spreadsheets together with other online users from any internet-connected devices. Google Sheets is available on both PC and mobile, for both Android and iOS. However, some functions of Google Sheets on mobile are limited compared to the PC version.



Some common terms on Google Sheets

Cell: A single data point in a spreadsheet.

Column: A set of vertical cells.

Row: A set of horizontal cells

Range: A selection of cells across a row or column or both

Function: An operation in the spreadsheet app which is used to calculate cell, row, column and more

Formula: A mixture of functions, cells, rows, columns, and ranges which is used to obtain a specific result.

Sheet:  Sets of rows and columns which make your spreadsheet. A spreadsheet can have multiple sheets.

Spreadsheet: The document which contains your worksheets. 


What is Google Sheets APK?

Google Sheets APK is the application package kit installer of Google Sheets for Android with the purpose of helping users who can not download this app directly from Google Play to download and use Google Sheets APK in different devices.

Who needs to download Google Sheets APK?

Users need to download Google Sheets APK in those cases:

  • Google Play usually has errors.

  • Google Play is limited because of location.

  • Android version is not equivalent to app’s requirements.

  • Computers users download APK file and install on Android emulator software such as BlueStacks, Nox Player...

How to download and install Google Sheets APK?

In this article, we will show you steps to download Google Sheets APK in both Android smartphone and PC.

Download and install Google Sheets APK in Android smartphone

First of all, you need to allow your phone to access sources which are not from Google Play. Choose Settings on your phone screen -> Security -> activate Unknown sources. Now, let’s start downloading and installing!

activate Unknown sources


Step 1: Access the website: (this reliable website provide clean game/app apk files).

Step 2: Scroll down and you will see the icon of Google Sheets APK on the App Section, let’s click on it and choose Download. You will be asked whether this app should be downloaded or not because your Android device is afraid that this APK file may harm your phone. Choose Download to continue because is a reliable website.

First, choose Download
First, choose Download
Continue choosing Download
Then, choose Download to continue

Step 3: After downloading, you will be asked whether this app should be installed or not. Choose Cancel or Install to confirm your choice. If you choose to install,  let’s wait a minute to install Google Sheets APK and then you can use this wonderful app.

Choose Install
Choose Install to start installing Google Sheets

Download and install Google Sheets APK in PC

Google Sheets is available in Google Drive. However, if you still want to download its APK file for some special reasons, we will help you!

Step 1: Download and install Android emulator software. You can download BlueStacks- the most popular software today.


Step 2: Open a browser in BlueStacks by clicking More Apps.

click on More Apps to open a browser on BlueStacks

Step 3:  Access to from this browser and enter and choose Download. You will also be warned about the security of this APK File but don't worry, click OK to continue.

download google sheets apk
First, choose Download
choose OK to continue
Choose OK to continue

Step 4: After downloading, Open your Apk file that you have successfully downloaded and then, choose Install to install Google Sheets APK.

choose Install
Choose Install to install Google Sheets

After installing, choose Open to start using Google Sheets APK.

finish installing
Now you can use Google Sheets on BlueStacks

Some tips to use Google Sheets for Android

Some functions of Google Sheets on Android are limited compared to Google Sheets desktop version. Therefore, users sometimes encounter difficulties during working with Sheets on their phone. So, in this post, we will help you to fill a series and sort in Google Sheets.

Steps to fill in series on Google Sheets on Android

First of all, you need to open Google Sheets on your mobile phone and then tap on the file that you want to edit.

open a spreadsheet that you want to edit
Choose the file that you want to edit


Next, tap the first cell in the series. It is the cell which contains the value or formula that you want to appear in the series. In this example, we tap B4. This cell will be surrounded by a blue border.

Tap a cell


Then, you tap and drag the blue border to the end of the series and the entire area will be highlighted.

Tag and drag the blue border
Tap and drag the blue border to the place that you want to fill in series


Now, tap and hold the highlighted area and a pop-up will appear. 

Next, tap Autofill. You will see that value in B4 is applied to C4

tap Autofill
Tap Autofill
value in B4 is applied to C4
The value in B4 is now autofilled in C4
Steps to sort on Google Sheets on Android

Sorting is also an essential function of Google Sheets that many people want to know. Now, we will show you steps to sort on Google Sheets on Android!

First of all, you need to open Google Sheets on your mobile phone and then tap on the file that you want to edit.

Next, tap the header letter at the top of a column. Each column has a capitalized letter header at the top of the spreadsheet. You need to tap it and then the entire column will be highlighted. In this example, we tap the column B. After that, tap the 3 dots icon in the upper-right corner of the phone screen to open the Data menu. In the previous picture, we have circled the 3 dots icon

Tap column B
Tap a column and then tap the 3 dots icon

Then, tap on Create a filter and you will see the sort icon in the lower-right corner of your screen. This sort icon looks like the 3 horizontal lines.

create a filter
Tap on Create a filter


Tap the Sort icon to start sorting. You can sort in alphabetical or reverse-alphabetical order. If you select A to Z, your column will be sorted alphabetically. On the other hand, your column will be sorted in reverse-alphabetical order if you choose to sort Z to A. See our example to understand more about these two types of sorting.

tap the sort icon
Tap the sort icon and then the sort menu will appear
Sort A to Z
Sort A to Z
sort Z to A
Sort Z to A

In conclusion, Google Sheets is a wonderful tool for not only studying but also working. You can work online on it and together with other users edit your spreadsheets at the same time. It’s so convenient, isn’t it? Hope that with our instructions to download Google Sheets APK, you can download and use Sheets easily on your Android devices. Thanks for supporting!

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