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Download Microsoft Outlook APK

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App version 4.1.70
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Publisher Microsoft Corporation
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App description

Outlook is a free email service which is developed and provided by Microsoft. The current versions of Outlook email include Microsoft Outlook 2013 for Windows and 2011 for Mac. If you are using Android smartphones but still want to use Outlook, you can consider downloading Outlook APK. Keep reading our post to know what is Microsoft Outlook APK and how to download Microsoft Outlook APK.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is usually used as an e-mail application which owns other features like calendar, task management, contact management, and notes... When you have an account, Outlook will automatically connect you to a variety of Microsoft applications and services including OneDrive, Skype, Office Online (Word and Excel), OneNote and many other interesting apps.

Microsoft Outlook

Outstanding features of Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook has a fast access speed.

  • Integrate with dominant social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn... Users can easily check mail and surf these social networks.

  • Sort email according to size, time of receipt, time of sending ... so that users will easily find email and files 

  • Support sending email attachments with large files in combination with OneDrive, Skype Drive

  • Block email by specific addresses or domains (high anti-spam capability)

  • Allow users to use HTML and CSS. Specifically, users can be creative to make their emails more vivid.

  • Create a single-use email address (for one-time mailing or Email Marketing) helps you avoid spam email devices. With Outlook, you can create, delete and change these addresses easily.

  • Support recovering deleted emails (within range and time allowed) even if you have finished deleting emails in the trash.

  • Unlimited storage space

  • Allow logging in with a temporary password

  • Allow grouping of incoming/outgoing private messages by individuals/businesses

  • Insert important types of messages in the inbox

  • Integrate Skype to chat via Skype


Introduction of Microsoft Outlook APK

Microsoft Outlook APK is the application package kit installer of Microsoft Outlook for Android which is used to help people who cannot download this app directly from Google Play to download and use Microsoft Outlook APK in different devices. When you download an app from Google Play, this app will be immediately installed on your phone. However, after downloading an APK file, you can choose to install an app immediately or at any time you want because this APK file is always on the Download file.

Who needs to download Microsoft Outlook APK?

Microsoft Outlook APK needs to be downloaded in those cases:

  • Google Play usually has errors.

  • Google Play is limited because of location.

  • Android version is not equivalent to app’s requirements.

  • Computers users download APK file and install on Android emulator software such as BlueStacks, Nox Player...

How to download and install Microsoft Outlook APK?

In this article, we will show you steps to download Microsoft Outlook APK in both Android smartphone and PC.

Download and install Microsoft Outlook APK in Android smartphones

First of all, you need to allow your phone to access sources which are outside Google Play. Choose Settings on your phone screen -> Security -> activate Unknown sources. Now, let’s follow these steps to start downloading and installing Outlook APK!

unknown source


Step 1: Access the website: (this reliable website provide clean game/app apk files).

Step 2: Scroll down, tap the Show more button on the App Section and look for Microsoft Outlook, let’s click on it and choose Download. You can search “Microsoft Outlook” in the search bar, enter and tap on the result. Next, you also choose Download.

download microsoft outlook apk
Choose Download

You will be asked whether this app should be downloaded or not because your Android device is afraid that this APK file may harm your phone. Choose Download to continue.

choose Download to continue downloading Outlook APK
Choose Download to continue

Step 3: After downloading, you will be asked whether this app should be installed or not. Choose Cancel or Install to confirm your choice. If you choose to install,  let’s wait a minute to install Microsoft Outlook APK and then you can use this wonderful app on your phone.

choose Install
Choose Install

Download and install Microsoft Outlook APK in PC

Step 1: Download and install Android emulator software. You can download BlueStacks, which is the most popular software today.


Step 2: Open a browser in BlueStacks by clicking More Apps.

open a browser in bluestacks

Step 3:  Access to from this browser and enter and choose Download.

choose Download
Choose Download

You will also be warned about the security of this APK file but don't worry, just click OK to continue.

Choose OK to continue
Choose OK to continue

Step 4: After downloading, Open your Apk file that you have successfully downloaded and then, choose Install to install Microsoft Outlook APK.

choose Install
Choose Install

After installing, choose Open to start using Microsoft Outlook APK.

How to create a free Microsoft Outlook?

In this section, we would like to guide you on how to create a free Outlook account. However, this action can only be done on a web browser!

Step 1: Access to, select "Get new email address" to create a new account.

In the New email section, you have two options: Outlook and Hotmail, select Outlook and select the email name you want to display, then click "Next".

Create an Outlook account
Create an Outlook account


Create password: Password to log in a mailbox, a password must be 8 characters or more in length including letters, numbers and special characters.

Step 2: On the next page, you fill in your First Name, Last Name and then, click Next.

fill name to create an Outlook account
Fill name to create an Outlook account

Step 3: Fill in the information on the Country, the date of birth as required. Then click Next and enter an authentication captcha code.

fill information
Fill in country/region and date of birth

Step 4: After completing all the instructions above, you have completed the steps to create your Outlook account. In this step, you can set up mailboxes based on the features that Outlook provides such as:

Time zone: The time frame you want to use

Theme: The main backdrop of your account

Signature: Signature displayed below each of your outgoing emails

Gmail vs Outlook: Which is better?

The two most popular email services now are Gmail from Google and from Microsoft. Therefore, we will show a table to compare Gmail vs Outlook to help you find the most suitable service.






15 GB. If you have reached the limit, you can buy more. Your Google account also has Google Drive cloud-based storage.

The actual limit is unclear, it shows that you start with 5 GB of storage and this number will increase over time. Microsoft accounts also have One Drive cloud-based storage.

Search capabilities

Search for any combination of the following elements by using the advanced search:

  • Labels, tags, or categories

  • From

  • To

  • Subject

  • Keyword

  • Content

  • Attach

  • Chat

  • Letter size

  • Date has a simpler search tool. Mail search options allow you to search for combinations of:

  • All folders, inboxes or drafts

  • From

  •  Date options.

  • Your contact list


Includes 2-step authentication and spam detection. You can activate a verification icon for an email from senders via Google Labs.

Includes 2-step authentication processes. Use the trusted sender icon for emails from trusted senders. Spam messages appear with red or yellow color in the top bar of the message.

Inbox Organization

Gmail manages based on labels and up to 5 cards. Gmail assign colors to labels and use stars and other symbols to flag important messages. Besides, you can convert your inbox to a classic inbox or a preferred inbox.

Outlook manages based on categories, folders, and subdirectories. Flag important messages and they will be pinned to the top of the folder.

Instant Messaging

Gmail uses an instant messaging chat. You can find the chat icon at the bottom of the Gmail inbox on the left.

Outlook uses Skype for instant messaging. You can find the Skype icon in the upper right corner of the mailbox.

Contact Management

Import contacts from a variety of  email providers including:

  • Yahoo


  • AOL

  • A CSV or vCard file.

  • Contacts from your Google+ account.

Import contacts from other sources, including:

  • Gmail

  • Outlook 2010, 2013 or 2016

  • Yahoo! Mail

  • Windows Live Mail



Ads will appear as emails at the top of your inbox tab. The word "Ad" appears in a yellow box to the left of the subject line. displays ads on the right of the mailbox. 


Combining tasks, customizing themes, Google Lab testing features

Combine calendars, tasks, themes custom 

Relevant Tools

Google Drive office suite:

  • Docs

  • Sheets

  • Slides

  • Photos

  • Forms

  • Drawings

  • Calendar

Microsoft Office Suite:

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • OneNote

  • Sway




Hope that our post helps you understand more about Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook APK and how to download Microsoft Outlook APK. Thank you for reading and supporting!

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