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Like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word is also a wonderful tool for studying and working. However, sometimes users may encounter some problems with downloading Microsoft Word directly from Google Play. Therefore, in this post, we would like to introduce you Microsoft Word APK and how to download Microsoft Word APK.

What is Microsoft Word?

microsoft word

Microsoft Word (also known as Winword) is a text editor program which is owned by Microsoft. It allows users to work with raw text and some effects such as fonts, colors, graphics and a lot of types of multimedia as sounds and videos. Moreover, Microsoft Word has tools like spelling and grammar checking in many languages to support users over the world. This application is always up-to-date and developed by many versions such as Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2013, and the latest version in 2016. Nowadays, Microsoft Word becomes more and more popular in the world.


What is Microsoft Word Apk file?

Android users must have heard about the term APK file. Microsoft Word APK is the Microsoft Word application installer of the Android system. If you encounter some errors during downloading Microsoft Word on Google Play, you can download Microsoft Word APK instead.

Why do we need to download Microsoft Word Apk file?

There are multiple reasons why we should try Microsoft Word APK file. The following are some cases that users need to download Microsoft Word Apk on instead of directly downloading from the Google Play store:

  • Phones that cannot access the Google Play store and download Microsoft Word for some reasons. This situation is not usually encountered but when it happens, the only way for users is downloading Microsoft Word Apk file from websites that provide apk file on the Internet.

  • Programmers, IT researchers or developers who want to use Microsoft Word Apk file to develop and research applications or use for other purposes.

  • PC users download Microsoft Word Apk file to run on Android emulators on computer. However, Microsoft Word has a special version for the computer that is Microsoft Office. Therefore, this case is rare and people who are in this situation are often researchers.

  • Those who use Android phones but the version of the device is lower than the requirements of the latest update on the Google Play store.

  • Users who need to download Microsoft Word Apk to run on other Android devices such as Android car, Android Wear, Android TV,…

  • Some countries are limited to download.

In addition, there are uncountable useful features of Microsoft Word Apk that users will find out when using it.

How to download and install Microsoft Word APK file?

There are many devices running the Android operating system and in this post, we will guide you how to download and install Microsoft Word Apk file on the two most popular devices that are Android phone and Android emulator.

Download and install Microsoft Word APK in Android phone

When downloading an apk file from strange sources on Android phone, you must take steps to allow your device to download sources which are not from Google Play store. These steps only need to be performed once when downloading the first apk file on the phone and you do not need to do it again in the later downloads.

From the main interface of the phone screen, select Settings > Security > activate Unknown sources.

unknown source

Step 1: Access from any browser on your phone.

Step 2: Search Microsoft Word on the search toolbar and click Download.

download word apk

In this step, the phone screen displays a warning message that this file may harm your device. This is a must-have warning when users proceed to download strange and unknown files from external sources but users can believe to click Download to continue the download process.

choose Download
Continue choosing Download

Step 3: After finishing the download process, the device will ask whether you want to install the application or not, you can choose to Cancel or Install it anytime you want to. Click Install to start the installation and wait a minute.

choose Install
Choose Install

The device will notify you when the installation process is done and now you can use Microsoft Word.

Download and install Microsoft Word Apk file on Android emulator

Those who use Microsoft Word Apk file on the emulator are often special users as mentioned above who use it for their special purposes. Here are steps to download and install Microsoft Word apk on BlueStacks 4.

Step 1: Open a browser in BlueStacks by clicking More Apps.

open a browser in bluestacks

Step 2: Access to from this browser and choose Download.

download word apk
Choose Download and then click OK to start downloading


Step 4: After downloading, Open your Apk file that you have successfully downloaded and then, choose Install to install Microsoft Word.

choose Install
Choose Install to start installing Microsoft Word APK

After installing, choose Open to start using Microsoft Word!

Tips for using Microsoft Word on Android phone

Editing the ribbon tabs

If you want to edit a file or try to find a button, first sign in and open a file. Then tap the Show Ribbon button, and then tap Home.

Closing the keyboard

If the keyboard covers your work, tap your phone’s Back button. Please note that your Back button may look more different than in other devices.

Hiding the ribbon to type

You should hide the ribbon to type by using your phone’s Back button.

Placing the cursor

Tap anywhere in the text even if it is not what you want. Then tap and hold on the blue handle and drag the cursor to the exact spot you need.

Select a word or paragraph

Double tap a word to select it. Tap 3 times to select a paragraph or a line.

Reading and editing easily

Tap the Mobile view button to see the document which is optimized for your phone. When you are done, you can see how it will print by tapping the Print Layout button.

Microsoft Word has become a must-have tool for study and work. Hope that this article helps you understand more about Mircosoft Word APK and how to download this APK file in both Android smartphones and Android emulator.

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