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App version 8.5.4
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Capacity 78.88 MB
Installs 100,000,000+ Download
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App description

Tik Tok is occupying the #1 position on the popular Google Play apps ranking with more than 100 million downloads and average rates from 4,6 to 4.8/5.0. In spite of being an interesting app, Tik Tok is not really compatible with all Android devices, especially Tik Tok China. In this article, we will help you use Tik Tok easily by downloading Tik Tok APK!

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok was originally known as a lip-syncing app with constantly updated and popular music and effects that make users never get bored. However, later, Tik Tok was expanded to become a real video social network and it really attracts many users.

Tik tok logo


On Tik Tok, you can upload your own videos or watch other people's videos. As a social network, you can like, comment on each video or follow others. You can also save Tik Tok videos to your device for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks.

Music on Tik Tok is really special because this app knows how to update the hot melodies or new songs and mix them with amazing effects. You can choose your favorite music to start recording your clip.

The interface of Tik Tok on mobile is also quite eye-catching. Interactive buttons are easy to use. This app has recently become famous because young people in China, South Korea and other countries in Asia receive it positively.

Tik Tok


Tik Tok is supported by BYTEMOD PTE.LTD which is based in Singapore. The company is spending a lot of advertising money to push Tik Tok to the top entertained app.


What is Tik Tok APK?

Tik Tok apk is the application package kit installer of Tik Tok for Android with the purpose of helping users to download and use Tik Tok on different devices.

Who needs to download Tik Tok APK?

Users need to download Tik Tok APK in those cases:

  • Google Play usually has errors.

  • Google Play is limited because of location.

  • Android version is not equivalent to app’s requirements.

  • Computers users download APK file and install on Android emulator software such as BlueStacks, Nox Player...

How to download and install Tik Tok APK

In this article, we will show you steps to download and install Tik Tok Apk in both Android smartphone and PC.

Download and install Tik Tok Apk in Android smartphone.

First of all, you need to allow your phone to access resources which are not from Google Play. Choose Settings on your phone screen -> Security -> activate Unknown sources. Now, let’s start downloading and installing!


Step 1: Access the website: (this reliable website provide thousands of game/app apk file).

Step 2: Type Tik Tok on the search bar, enter and click on the result and choose Download. You will be asked whether this app should be downloaded or not because your Android device is afraid that this APK file may harm your phone. Choose Download to continue because is a reliable website.


choose Download
Choose Download
continue choosing Download to start downloading Tik Tok APK
Continue choosing Download

Step 3: Access the Tik Tok apk file that you have successfully downloaded to install. You will be asked whether this app should be installed or not. Choose Cancel or Install to confirm your choice. If you choose to install,  let’s wait a minute to install Tik Tok and then you can use this wonderful app.

install Tik Tok APK
Choose Install

Download and install Tik Tok APK in PC

Step 1: Download and install Android emulator software. You can download BlueStacks- the most popular software today.


Step 2: Open a browser in BlueStacks by clicking More Apps.


Step 3: Access to from this browser, search for Tik Tok and choose Download.

choose Download
Choose Download


choose OK to download
Choose OK to continue

Step 4: After downloading, Open your Apk file that you have successfully downloaded and then, choose Install to install Tik Tok.

Choose Install
Choose Install

After installing, choose Open to start using Tik Tok! You need to sign up by your Facebook or Google account.

Tap the icon that we highlight to sign up
Tap on the icon that we highlight to sign up


create a Tik Tok account
You have many choices to sign up your account

Now, let’s spend time discovering Tik Tok!

The best features of Tik Tok

1. Create Effects For Video

This is the basic and also the most favorite feature on Tik Tok with up to a hundred effects for you to choose.

Step 1: First of all, you need to tap the “+” button to start editing your video on Tik Tok. After uploading your video, you will see the Filters, Effects, Character, Stickers, and Sound selection on your screen.

input your video to Tik Tok

the main interface of Tik Tok
You will see the effects, characters, filters, stickers and sound selection on the screen

Step 2: Click on Effects to choose the effect for your video. In this example, we choose Sticker -> Big Face

choose Big Face effect
Select effects for your video


2. Create Background Music For Video

After selecting the effect, an equally important part is choosing the background music. Tap on Select Sound at the top right of your screen to start selecting a suitable sound for your video. The music storage is various but the length of a video is about 30 seconds so users should not record too long or too short.

select sound for your Tik Tok video
Select sound for your video

3. Choose a Photo Filter

This tool completely changes the color tone of your image but you can adjust it. This feature is popular not only on Tik Tok but also on other applications. Let’s tap Filters to choose your favorites filter.

choose a filter
Choose a filter

4. Create Special Effects

Special effect for videos is also an outstanding feature of Tik Tok that is used frequently.  You can see so many unknown blur videos thanks to special effects. To use these effects, just tap on Effects section after filming the video and you will see a lot of amazing effects filters.

To use it, you just need to choose and keep the effect and the length of it is depended on how long you hold it. There are more than 10 types of effects to create the best video.

In this example, we choose SPLIT. We hold the effect Six first, then choose Fuzzy, and finally, we choose Mixed.

choose Six effect
Choose Fuzzy Effect
choose Mixed effect

Export your video

After experiencing the 4 most used features on Tik Tok, you need to export the video and post it on Tik Tok's network so viewers can interact with you immediately by tapping NEXT, describe your video and post to Tik Tok or other social networks.

export Tik Tok video
Export your Tik Tok video

Using Tik Tok is not difficult because all features on Tik Tok are created simply so that all users can use it easily. Hope that this article will help you know how to use Tik Tok and download Tik Tok apk. Let’s download Tik Tok and experience interesting things that this app brings!

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