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Like Snapchat, Viber, LINE, Telegram, and Wechat, Viber is also a famous app chat. Sometimes, users may encounter different errors while downloading Viber directly from Google Play. Therefore, we need to download a Viber APK instead. So, what is a Viber APK and how to download Viber APK? Let’s keep reading this post!

What is Viber?

Viber is known as a fast messaging software on VoIP protocol developed by Viber Media for messaging and calling easily. This app was first launched in 2010 with two extremely attractive features which are messaging and voice calling on the Internet. Thanks to these features, Viber has attracts millions of visitors and downloads. At that time, it was also an extremely flourishing period of free messaging applications on the Internet but Viber has still affirmed its position when helping users get the best experience on smartphones.


Many people think that Viber is an application developed by a company in the US but in fact, this app development company is located in the Republic of Cyprus and up to now, Viber has received a lot of investment from many companies in the world.

Benefits of using Viber:

  • Directly text and share data and media with everyone.

  • Make free calls at any location.

  • Share video images with other application users.

  • Sync with your phone.

  • Enjoy free and quality calls.


What is Viber APK?

Viber APK is the application package kit of Viber for Android with the purpose of helping users who can not download Viber directly from Google Play. 

Who needs to download Viber APK?

Users need to download Viber APK in those cases:

  • Google Play usually has errors.

  • Google Play is limited because of location.

  • Android version is not equivalent to app’s requirements.

  • Computers users download APK file and install on Android emulator software such as BlueStacks, Nox Player...

How to download and install Viber APK?

In this article, we will show you steps to download Viber Apk in both Android smartphone and PC.

Download and install Viber Apk in Android smartphone

First of all, you need to allow your phone to access sources which are not from Google Play. Choose Settings on your phone screen -> Security -> activate Unknown sources. Now, let’s start downloading and installing!


Step 1: Access the website: (this reliable website provide thousands of game/app apk file).

Step 2: Type Viber in the search bar and enter and choose Download. You will be asked whether this app should be downloaded or not because your Android device is afraid that this APK file may harm your phone. Choose Download to continue because is a reliable website.

choose Download to download Viber apk
Choose Download
choose Download
Continue choosing Download

Step 3: After downloading, you will be asked whether this app should be installed or not. Choose Cancel or Install to confirm your choice. If you choose to install,  let’s wait a minute to install Viber and then you can use this wonderful app.

choose Install
Choose Install

Download and install Viber APK in PC

Step 1: Download and install Android emulator software. You can download BlueStacks- the most popular software today.

Step 2: Open a browser in BlueStacks by clicking More Apps.

Step 3:  Access to from this browser and choose Download. You will be warned about the safety of the APK File but don't worry, just click OK

download viber apk
Choose Download

Step 4: After downloading, Open your Apk file that you have successfully downloaded and then, choose Install to install Viber.

install viber apk
Choose Install
welcome to viber on bluestacsk
The main interface of Viber on BlueStacks

After installing, choose Open to start using Viber!

Interesting features of Viber on Android that you should know

In addition to calling and texting, Viber also has some hidden features that users may not know. Therefore, we will list some interesting hidden features of Viber application on Android so that you can use this app easily.

1. Enable Smart Notifications Display

By default, Viber will display the content of the message that the user sends to you in turn, so if that user sends more messages at the same time, you will be bothered by the number of notifications.

enable smart notifications on Viber

To overcome this situation, you can activate Viber's Smart Notifications to gather all content into a single notification by clicking on the chat window and sliding to the left, then tick on Smart Notifications option.

2. Quickly switch between conversations

If you are chatting with many people in Viber, it will take steps to be able to switch between chat windows. Now, you just simply need to swipe to the right in the current chat window and then click on the username or chat group name to switch to another chat window.

switch betwwen conversations


3. Block and unblock contacts in Viber contact lists

If anyone in Viber contact list regularly annoys you, you can add these contacts to a blacklist so that they can't call or text you. Click the Navicon icon at the top right of the screen and select Block.

block and unblock on Viber


To unblock, click the Navicon icon in the main screen of the application and go to Settings> Privacy> Block List. Then click the Unblock button on each contact name that you want to unblock.

4. Hide online status or "seen/unseen" function

If you want to be invisible in the contact list of other people  or hide the status that whether you seen or unseen a message or not, let's follow these steps:

  • Hide the Seen Status: Click the Navicon icon in the main screen of the application and go to Settings> Privacy and uncheck the Send ‘Seen’ Status option.

  • Hide online status: Same as above, uncheck the Share ‘Online’ Status.

hide-unseen-status on Viber


5. Turn off notifications from Viber

If you don’t want to be disturbed by Viber notifications, let’s turn it off by going to Settings > Notifications and then uncheck all the contents displayed on the screen.

turn off notifications from viber


Or you can go back to the Home screen of your Android device and then access Settings > Apps >Viber and unmark the Show Notifications option.

6. Delete one or more messages

You can delete by clicking and holding the message you want to delete until the screen displays the Delete option, then click on this option to delete a message.

delete messages on Viber


If you want to delete more, click on the Navicon icon and choose the Edit Messages option, then choose the messages to delete and then click the trash icon to finish.

7. Stop the Wifi connection when the device goes into standby status

By default, Viber will remain the Wi-Fi connection even if the user does not use the device for a long time. This action helps users stay online and don't miss any messages or calls but it also contributes to reducing battery capacity.

stop wifi connection


Therefore, you should set up the disconnection of Wifi when you're in the standby state by going to Settings> General and tick on the Wi-Fi sleep policy option with Use device’s settings.

8. Draw a picture that you have already received

A funny feature that you may not know is that you can quickly draw the image on the message that you have already received by clicking the Navicon icon in the chat window and choosing Doodle.

doodle on Viber


The screen will switch to the graphical interface with the tools to edit and add effects to your image. After you have finished drawing, press Send to return your "work" to the user who sent the photo to you.

9. List the photos and videos that you have sent and received

If you often use Viber to send and receive images and videos, it is sometimes difficult to find a certain image or video in the conversation history. However, Viber has provided a faster way to search again. All of the photos and videos are collected into a Gallery and you can access this Gallery by swiping the chat window to the left and then selecting Conversations Gallery.

list the photos


10. Change the chat background

Tap the 3 dots aligned vertically (More button) in the right corner of your screen and choose the Settings tab. Then, tap the Change Default Background.

tap more button
Tap More


tap settings
Tap Settings
tap cjhange default background
Tap Change default background


You will see a gallery of background photos to choose from. Tap the one that you love and then your screen will display the preview of your chosen photo. If you decide to choose this background, tap the Choose button to save your change and all your Viber conversations will be applied with the new default background.

gallery photos
Background gallery
tap on choose
Tap on Choose


To sum up, Viber is an interesting free app chat that you should try downloading and using it. Hope that this post will help you understand more about the outstanding features of Viber, Viber APK and how to download Viber APK. Let’s download and share with us your experience!

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