Download Wechat APK

Download Wechat APK

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App information

App version 7.0.12
Updated date
Capacity 106.36 MB
Installs 100,000,000+ Download
Publisher WeChat
SHA1 f3583323e585714e009573dc882e7f99203c6d46
Signature cc80d76aa9fe94ec205ef0c336bfc424596da290

App description

Like other famous messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, BBM, Viber, KakaoTalk, and Snapchat, Wechat is also a well-known app chat, especially in China. There are more than 902 million users using this app in the world with 38 million messages sent daily. However, sometimes it is difficult to download and use Wechat directly from the Google Play store, so we need to download Wechat APK. What is Wechat APK and how to download Wechat APK on Android devices? Let's read our post to have further information!

What is Wechat?

Founded and owned by Tencent since 2011, WeChat has currently been the most famous app chat in China. In 2017, Tencent added many other mini-applications to WeChat and created a store for these applications. You can play games, find popular places to visit, set up doctor appointments, store police reports, order taxi calls, hold conferences via video calls and access banking services via Wechat. Furthermore, state media and government departments also have an official WeChat account to directly communicate with users. It can be said that WeChat is dominated by the support of China's government through blocking Facebook Messenger since 2009, LINE in 2015 and WhatsApp in 2017.



What is Wechat APK?

Wechat APK is the application package kit installer of Wechat for Android with the purpose of helping users to download and use Wechat on different devices.

Who needs to download Wechat APK?

Users need to download and install Wechat APK in those cases:

  • Google Play usually has errors.

  • Google Play is limited because of location.

  • Android version is not equivalent to app’s requirements.

  • Computers users download APK file and install on Android emulator software such as BlueStacks, Nox Player...

How to download and install Wechat APK?

In this article, we will show you steps to download and install Wechat Apk in both Android smartphones and PC.

Download and install Wechat Apk in Android smartphones

First of all, you need to allow your phone to access resources which are not from Google Play. Choose Settings on your phone screen -> Security -> activate Unknown sources. Now, let’s start downloading and installing!

unknown sources


Step 1: Access the website: (this reliable website provide thousands of game/app apk file).

Step 2: Type Wechat in the search bar and enter and choose Download. You will be asked whether this app should be downloaded or not because your Android device is afraid that this APK file may harm your phone. Choose Download to continue because is a reliable website.

download Wechat APK
Choose Download


Choose Download to continue

Step 3: After downloading, you will be asked whether this app should be installed or not. Choose Cancel or Install to confirm your choice. If you choose to install,  let’s wait a minute to install Wechat and then you can use this wonderful app.

Choose Install

Download and install Wechat APK in PC

Step 1: Download and install Android emulator software. You can download BlueStacks- the most popular software today.


Step 2: Open a browser in BlueStacks by clicking More Apps.

open a browser in bluestacks


Step 3:  Access to from this browser and type “Wechat”, then enter and choose Download. Then, you will also be warned about the security of this file but don’t worry, click OK to continue.

choose Download
Choose Download


choose OK to continue
Choose OK to continue

Step 4: After downloading, Open your Apk file that you have successfully downloaded and then, choose Install to install KakaoTalk.

install Wechat APK
Choose Install

Discover the main functions of Wechat

1. Adding contact lists

To start a conversation, you need to add contacts to your account first. To do that, you have 3 ways:

Add by the traditional way: 

The most common way to add your friends is to use the Add Contacts feature on WeChat. You just need to click on Contacts at the bottom of the screen and then click on the "+" icon in the upper right corner.

Next, you need to select Add Contacts from the menu and you can then search your friends, family or business with their phone number or WeChat ID easily. Finally, just tap Follow to add them to your network.

Scan QR codes:

Another way to add WeChat contacts is to scan QR codes. You can open Discover and scan someone else's QR code through the integrated QR reader to add your friends quickly.

ADD friends by scanning QR code
Scan by QR Code

At the same time, you can select Me and click on the QR code icon on the interface to allow others to scan your QR code to add you to their list.

Shake to add friends nearby

Tap on Discover > Shake and then shake your phone to start searching for Wechat users nearby. You can click on the users’ name that you want to add and select Send greetings to contact them. If they answer, you can also add them to your contacts. This function is really interesting.

shake to add friends nearby
Shake to add friends nearby

2. Start a conversation

Send messages

You need to touch the Messages icon and enter a message or send a voice message in the message field. To make it more interesting, you can touch the smiley button to add emotion. If you want to send photos or videos, you can click on the image icon or select the camera feature to take a new photo or video to send.

send messages on wechat

Make a voice or video call

When your phone connects to the network, including Wi-fi or mobile data, you can have a voice or video call with your contacts for free. Let’s click the "+" icon in the lower right corner to select the Video call and call icon from the list to start your conversation.

make a voice call
Make a voice call

3. Share your life in Moments

  • Post a moment with photos or videos

Access Discover > Moments to click the camera icon in the top right corner. You will be able to take a new photo/video or choose the available one in your Gallery to post to the WeChat Moment.

  • Post a moment without photos or videos

If you only want to share a text message, you can access Discover> Moments, press and hold the camera icon until the sharing interface appears.

Post a moment without photos or videos

4. Add messages/videos/photos/interesting posts to your Favorites

While watching or receiving some interesting or memorable messages, photos, videos or posts, you can add them to your Favorites by:

- Searching for messages or moments in your conversations or posts that you want to add.

- Clicking on the item you want until more options appear.

- Select Favorite on the pop-up menu to save the selected item to your Favorites.

save anything on wechat to your Favorites

- After that, you can access Me> Favorites to find out your favorites and click on any item to access.

Furthermore, there are some interesting functions on Wechat such as comparing price or paying phone bills.

  • Comparing price: you can scan the barcode of any product via the QR Code Scan to see prices from other shopping platforms for comparison.

  • Paying for phone bills: Access Discover> Wallet> Mobile Top up to pay for phone bills easily.

There are still many interesting functions of Wechat that you can discover. Thanks to its multifunction, it’s easy to understand why Wechat is the most famous app in China. Hope that you have enough information about Wechat, Wechat APK and how to download Wechat APK in Android smartphones and PC. Thanks for reading!

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