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App version 1.9
Updated date
Capacity 4.34 MB
Installs 50,000,000+ Download
Publisher Italy Games
SHA1 b6d6d2005b8cb5d4ac6515e7f263557473a44a96
Signature 9dbf6ce1def6bca7ff7801360dc8c07b481eb691

App description

Zombie Smasher is a classic tactical game from Italy that appears on both mobile and computer platforms, helping players to experience the unique and attractive tower defense game anytime, anywhere. So, what is Zombie Smasher and Zombie Smasher APK, and how to download Zombie Smasher APK easily without any errors or harm to your Android devices? Let’s read this article to get more detailed information!

download Zombie Smasher apk

Download and play Zombie Smasher apk


What is Zombie Smasher?

Zombie Smasher is one of the best addicting and entertaining games available on the application store. Currently, a series of tower defense games are launched to players and become saturated with similar play styles. However, Zombie Smasher still holds an irresistible appeal to players of all ages with 50 million downloads on Google Play.


What is a Zombie Smasher apk file?

Zombie Smasher apk file is the application package kit of Zombie Smasher used on Android operating system. Zombie Smasher apk file was created to help users who cannot download this game on Google Play or some other reasons.

Why do we need to download Zombie Smasher apk files?

Users need to download and install an apk file in the following cases:

  • Phones have a “faulty” Google Play.
  • People have Google Play but Android phones version is lower than the requirements of the game.
  • To download games that Google Play does not allow downloading due to national limits or location restrictions.
  • Android version is not equivalent to the app’s requirements.
  • Computers users download APK file and install on Android emulator software such as BlueStacks, Nox Player
  • Those who need to download Zombie Smasher apk file from Google Play to the computer to mod (edit part or the whole game, adjust settings, insert advertisements ...).


Instructions to download and install game Zombie Smasher APK

In the below section, we will guide you to download and install Zombie Smasher apk on 2 types of devices: install Zombie Smasher apk on Android phones and install Zombie Smasher apk on PC.


Instructions for downloading and installing Zombie Smasher apk on Android phones

Currently, many mobile phone companies are using the Android operating system like Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Xiaomi,…Therefore, users may wonder whether there are any differences between downloading Zombie Smasher apk on Samsung phones and downloading Zombie Smasher apk on Sony phones. We can say that the process of downloading and installing Zombie Smasher apk in these type of Android devices is quite similar. In the bellow section, we will give you the detailed instructions to download Zombie Smasher apk on Android mobiles:

To be able to download and install APK files, not only this game but also other games and applications on Android for the first time we need to edit some settings in the phone.

Instructions: From the home screen select the Settings > Security > select the Unknown Source to activate.

We can easily download and install Zombie Smasher on the phones with software support from the website (this reliable website provide thousands of safe game and app apk files)


  •  Step 1: Access to website.


download Zombie Smasher apk


  • Step 2: Scroll down and you will see the icon of Zombie Smasher on the main interface of this website. Click on it.


download Zombie Smasher apk


  • Step 3: Click on Download. You will be asked whether you want to download this game or not because your Android device is afraid of harmful resources. Just choose Download to continue as is a prestige website.


download Zombie Smasher apk

Choose Download


download Zombie Smasher apk

Continue choosing Download

  • Step 4: Access the Zombie Smasher apk file that you have successfully downloaded to install. The device will ask if you want to install this application? Select Cancel or Install to confirm. After selecting Install, it will take less than a minute for you to install and use this utility. The installation of Zombie Smasher APK file on Android without CH Play has been successful.  


download Zombie Smasher apk

          Choose Install to start installing Zombie Smasher apk


Instructions for downloading and installing Zombie Smasher apk on PC

To be able to download and install Android games or applications on a PC, in most cases, we need to use an Android emulator and this app is no exception. Below we will guide you to use the most popular Android emulator that is Bluestacks.

  •  Step 1: Download and install the Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC.

download Zombie Smasher apk


  • Step 2: Open a browser in Bluestacks by clicking More Apps.

download Zombie Smasher apk



  • Step 3: Access to from this browser.


  • Step 4: Scroll down and choose the icon of Zombie Smasher and choose Download.


download Zombie Smasher apk


  • Step 5: After downloading, Open your Apk file that you have successfully downloaded and then choose Install to install Zombie Smasher.

download Zombie Smasher apk

Choose Install


After installing, choose Open to start playing Zombies Smasher!

download Zombie Smasher apk

Choose Open to open this game


Discover Zombie Smasher

How to play Zombie Smasher game?

As Zombie Smasher players, get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about to invade your town! Those undead creatures are back, and it is up to you to keep them brainless. Just use your fingers to tap on the zombies to smash and eliminate them before they break down your door.

Players just simply touch the zombies to kill them. However, don’t hit the kids surfers from the neighborhood.

And remember to use the special power-ups wisely to win levels faster and easier. We have 3 special power-ups as below:

  • Heat lure: lure the zombies for 3 seconds.
  • Lightning: kill zombies who touch the lightning.
  • Bomb: kill the zombies in range of the explosion.

Drag the item to destination then release your finger. You can buy an item with the brain.

Outstanding features in Zombie Smasher

Different terrifying enemy zombie breeds

  • Normal Zombie: This type of zombies just moves with steady speed.
  • Dog Zombie: This zombie dog may change direction or speed up when it is running.
  • Oil worker Zombie: This zombie can drill into the earth and move underground. You can only kill it when it is on the ground.
  • Ghost Zombie: This zombie can teleport horizontally.
  • Baby Zombie: This zombie will run to you when you kill the mother zombie.
  • Fat Boss: You have to tap and hold until its head exploded.

download Zombie Smasher apk

Different types of zombies in Zombie Smasher


3 lively game modes

  • Story mode: You have to kill a lot of zombies at every level without missing 3 zombies or tapping the survivor. To win 3 stars you need to kill all zombies and get enough combos.
  • Survival mode: Play till you miss 3 zombies or tap the survivor. In this mode, you can get randomly brains. Tap to pick it up.
  • Time mode: Kill as many as you can in 90 seconds. Zombies will randomly drop the clock, tap to pick it up and you will get 5 more seconds.

download Zombie Smasher apk

Download Zombie Smasher to experience lively game modes


Player feedback

Zombie Smasher has received more than 800 thousand reviews, approximately 4.3 stars on Google Play. Most of them are positive feedback. Let’s see what users talk about Zombie Smasher!

“I love zombies messages like I can be free and it’s amazing. I mean I’m ready on level, the highest level of ever been on in any game and I like that. And… I just need to say that…It’s amazing. Zombie Smasher is the best game ever I’ve ever played. It’s awesome and just because no one else plays it, I mean a whole bunch of people play it but just because some people don’t play it doesn’t mean they don’t have the guts to try…”

“This game is awesome for my ADHD wife in the car for long rides. It’s like a red laser for cats but for my wife and keeps me sane! Thanks Zombie Smasher!”

“I think this is a best zombie killing game and I got the best experience with it…plz, make more games like this…”

“ My sons love zombies but he’s only two and a half zombie smasher is a good easy game that he can play on my phone.”

“ My focus is increasing with play this game more and more.”

A number of positive reviews about Zombie Smasher just prove that Zombie Smasher is extremely addictive to player worldwide.


That’s all the necessary information to help you download and install Zombie Smasher apk successfully, quickly, safely and efficiently thanks to the support of Hope this writing is useful to you! Let’s try playing Zombie Smasher and share with us your experience!


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